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Make friends, meet strangers on easyfriends.com !! 

What is easyfriends.com about?

Easyfriends.com is website to make friends online!

What is so special of easyfriends.com? Isnt it just another social network?

No,other social networking sites is for mainly for known people. Easyfriends is for unknown people who are strangers at first.  Easyfriends is a site to make new friends and to meet new people, mainly based on common interest, gender, location etc.

Is this a dating site or a friendship site?

This site is a clean friendship site. Its not a dating site. To make new friends, sign up on easyfriends.com.

Is EasyFriends also available mobile ?

Yes, if you download our mobile android app, you can make new friends via your mobile directly.

Is it 100% free?

Yes, Easyfriends.com is totally free. No need to pay.

Is this site for all?

Yes, but as making friends online is not for kids, we only allow users who are 16 or above.

Does easyfriends share our private email id, phone no or does it spam our inbox?

No, we respect your privacy and we never share it.

So what now?

If you want new friends, join easyfriends.com to meet new people, make friends, search for people with common interests, chat, sharing photos,video or create your own group and more!

Where to contact for any support?

You can chat with us live (as we are usually online) or you can email at contact@easyfriends.com  

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